AS-DOES means Designer Of Eco Systems

Architecture is not a matter of a certain style or form, but more importantly its adaptability to the local context, its social life and its users.

Our approach is based on all projects having several needs, demands, scopes, limitations and potentials. We strive to find a solution that combined will create something meaningful for the individual while contributing to the ecosystem.



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For enquiries regarding press material please send an e-mail to:


Angelo Salamone

Andrea Pastorelli
Francesca Di Marco
Ilaria Filippi
Marco Vicerdini
Martina Baldi
Rossella Di Bari
Sergio Randazzini

Vacancies will be posted on our news site. If you wish to send an unsolicited application, please send a cover letter, CV and portfolio (max 10 MB) to
We will contact you if a suitable position opens. Please note that we only accept online applications.
AS-DOES offers full-time internships to architecture students of the Faculty of Architecture in Florence to work in our office. We expect talent in architectural design and at least 3 years of experience as a student.
Send your CV and portfolio (max 5 MB) to and write what kind of internship you are looking for in the subject of your e-mail. Please note that we only accept online applications.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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